Saturday, June 1, 2013

Interlude - Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery

That's what I've been in.  --an interlude.
      People have been asking me where I have been.
This is the Interlude Rose, one of my Brazilian dimensional embroidery flower designs that is a variation of the original Canada's Rose, which I also thought up -- these flowers consist of lots of floss and lots of petals worked on a tiny little base (in this case, a pentagon about 1/8" across). Depending on the floss weight I use (and it's an easy flower to make with any weight), I have a large or a smaller flower.
I was playing with some of my pictures,  and have - in addition to my own computer thingies - found a great online photo editor at picmonkey. It does all sorts of interesting things to your pictures. I liked this picture so much (here's the original). . .
. . .that I sometimes stop what I'm doing and decide I absolutely HAVE to share with you.  Somewhere in all of these words and more words, there might actually be some helpful information, hopefully.
Now for the blatant advertising. This is part of one of my new Millefiori Brazilian embroidery designs that I PROMISE to update on my website. The design is named #8007 "Waltz of the Flowers".  Here's a picture of it, finally finished:
It's the size of a CD and includes other flowers besides the Interlude Rose -- Three to Tango, the Vienna Rose, Can-Can (compete with naughty ruffles), Staccato (new - shown earlier on this blog), the Hokey Pokey and Fox (Trot) Grass.  --I was going to do 3/4 time for the waltz, but there just wasn't enough room, so some of the notes are floating around. The border is a nice way to use variegated floss, too.
OK, back to work.  I just wanted you to see the pretty Interlude Rose (that's a 4mm fire polish bead in the center).  I promise to get back to regular blog writing as soon as I return from our BDEIG Seminar. See you soon!
Oh, by the way - I might have just one more post before I leave - come back and see.  (Sign up for the email posts if you don't want to miss anything) It's a big surprise!!!!


  1. Wow once again as always just lovely work.

  2. Thank you, Susan. Do you do this? We are starting to have teachers everywhere around; it's not as difficult as it might seem.