Friday, April 26, 2013

Cuthbert - Viking Cat Invades Personal Work Space

Cuthbert is a Norwegian Forest Cat. Sometimes Cuthbert thinks he is also a Viking and should go around his territory looting and pillaging (Just ask his little minion, Emmy, who makes herself really small and insignificant when he is surveying his kingdom).
Yes, this is/WAS my pincushion factory. I sell these interesting little Pincushions for Drizzles at my Millefiori website. (OK, I don't have them posted, but I DO have them available for sale.) While I was busy stitching, guess who came to visit and park under my nice warm worklight?

Of course, I found it necessary to divert my attention elsewhere, so I downloaded the pictures in my camera - mostly my flowers, which are blooming vigorously in our beautiful Oregon springtime here in the Willamette Valley. 

When Cuthbert saw that I wasn't going to stay and give him his full measure of appropriate attention, he went to look for a "better" spot (cat version). He found this box:
And it was almost just right.
Yes.  Fits good.
Almost. Well, it might need remodeling....
Or he feels he could just move to a BETTER box.

So, how I will entertain you with my flowers. This is one of our rhodies -
Always my favorite - I never get tired of photographing these lovely flowers.
This next picture is one of our hydrangeas, just the leaves (yes, I'll entertain you with the flowers in a month or two...)
I was thinking, earlier this week, that I should have planted some pink tulips. But when I went to look, I saw that I had that same thought last fall:
It's actually #115 and #203, with a little bit of #104 here and there. Very pretty. The lilacs are also blooming now. The trouble with lilacs is that they are in the VERY TOP of the shrub, almost touching the sky. I almost need a stepladder to enjoy them up close, but this is one of my old fashioned lilacs:
And this is a yellow lilac that I found at the Hulda Klager Lilac Garden in Woodland, Washington a few years ago. (Looks white, doesn't it?)
It's yellow. Really pale yellow....
And all by itself, I happened across this pretty little calendula, joyfully blooming in the sunshine.
Next time I write, I'll talk about that little BDEIG art quilt I worked on.



  1. OMG he is so cute and I think he should have priority on choosing his spot.Your flowers are absolutely beautiful too.Have to say your embroidery work is outstanding .

  2. Thank you for your nice words. Yes, he is a magnificent cat (the other one isn't too bad either!). People are so interested in Brazilian embroidery, the Internet is truly wonderful in letting more stitchers know about it.