Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April Flowers Bring MORE Flowers

Oh, wait. That's not a flower. That's Cuthbert. He's watching Emmy chase a cat out of the yard.
I don't remember the name of this little shorty bulb. I planted it several years ago and it makes a huge burst of blooms every year about this time and then disappears. I like the pattern inside the flower; think it would be fun to work into a Brazilian dimensional embroidery design.
Not to feel left out, these little dandelions remind me every year that if I don't remove them, they will just make more:
The little scilla also loves our yard -- every single where it can, it has a one-on-one with the soil!
The tulips are also blooming and a reminder that I should plant some pink ones this fall (I think I have room...).
Also pretty from every side:
They are mixed in with my roses.
This is our laurel. When the blossoms open, the bees come to visit.
The other day I posted a picture of our Asian pear.
This is a picture of the blossoms on one of our bing cherry trees. And that blue sky is totally Oregon today (no Photo-shopping here...).
My next project is to pull all of the weeds that I tactfully did NOT photograph. I'm just thinking that April Flowers will bring more April flowers ... and May flowers ...and June flowers ...

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  1. Looks like you have a beautiful garden and take care of it a lot.Your photo skills are great too.