Monday, October 1, 2012

Tropical Flower Garden

As many of you know, I sold out of my book "Tropical Flower Garden" this summer. I've had so many requests that I have decided to do a new printing. I'm hoping to have the book available before the end of the year. Thanks, everyone, for your support. I'll post a notice here as soon as it's ready.


  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog Rosalie! I hadn't realized you developed the comma so thank you. Am so pleased you left some further suggestions so am going to give it a try! I visit your blog now and again as I've just started to get into Brazilian a bit more. I attend the "Babes" in Coquitlam every once and awhile and interestingly just got in the door from attending a workshop locally that Debbie Kelly was teaching. Had a wonderful time and learned several new to me stitches. Now I need LOTS of practice. Have you thought of coming up this way to teach sometime?

  2. The book looks pretty.=)

    Thanks for your comments on my piece, Rosalie.=) I too always use some sort of working frame (even if the close up photo doesn't always show it) - a hoop for certain pieces and a plastic snap and stretch frame for others. The only things I ever work 'in hand' are small things on narrow pieces of fabric such as cross stitched bookmarks on Aida band.

    Yeah, I've known about BE and its 'attributes' for quite some time, just that this is my first piece. I didn't like the 'new' bullion sticking up so much - it didn't fit with the rest of the piece and, even if it is more authentic, well, I just plain didn't like it, so I've anchored it slightly.=) Solved *that* problem at least!!!lol!

    Well, I suppose I *could* use Pinterest, but I don't for copyright reasons and have disallowed pinning on the same grounds. I might own the copyright when I upload, but their Terms of Service state that all copyright then belongs to them, which I don't choose to allow. Also, people 'repin', which I also don't choose. If I ever do start my own kit-making business, then I'll start using Pinterest for publicity, but for personal stuff, I've decided against it. What about you, do you use it?

    All the best, E=)

  3. Hi, Lorraine
    I know several of the Bullion Babes - a really nice group of stitchers! Yes, Debbie was here in Portland teaching last week - she has great designs and is a wonderful teacher.

    I don't often travel to teach, but I love teaching. It's probably something I should try more.

    Be sure to keep on keeping on with B.E. -- it's great fun and a wonderful creative outlet.

  4. Hi, Elizabeth.
    I tried to post a comment on your finished Rolled Roses design, but the Internet gods wouldn't let me. It's really nicely done and I'm sure she will be happy to receive it.

    I hope you try more Brazilian embroidery.

    Yes, I use Pinterest - at first I wasn't sure about people posting my design pictures, but then decided that it's like advertising -- if they like it, they pin it. I suppose there will always be a certain amount of copying; the price we pay for sharing what we do. But I find that more people are ethical, so I'm happy to post the pictures. It's a good way to get people intersted in B.E., too, in my opinion.

    Well, I've been taking pictures of the flowers in my garden, too, and am totally flattered when I see someone else also liked them.