Saturday, June 30, 2012

What? Two Whole Weeks??

Well, I've been away ... busy at our BDEIG Seminar, teaching, learning, visiting with some of the nicest people ever.  Thanks to you who mentioned this blog. I hope you'll sign up ... that little space over there on the left side will bring these messages into your email box each time I write.

I'm planning to write about a new flower I just thought up, will include instructions and a photo, and I'm also going to do a picture tutorial on our detached buttonhole stitch -- something most of us avoid with great enthusiasm. I guarantee you will like it when I've finished showing you some tips and tricks.

Meanwhile, I've taken the days since I've been home decomposing, or de-compressing, or whatever it is you do when you've been playing at working for a fun-filled week. I've been catching up in my garden -- the weeds were enthusiastically having their way with my yard while I was gone.

You all know I have a chickadee tree. If you look at that cloud of subjects over there on the right, you can read all about them. Well, we have lots of little chickadees hanging out. I know they are babies because they are busy dive-bombing Emmy. Silly Emmy, thought she might catch one, but I outsmarted her and lured her into the house and shut the door.
There were so many baby chickadees that I just pointed the camera and snapped pictures. Of course, I deleted several that were just leaves. But that's one of the babies up there!

Next to the chickadee tree I have a cherry tree:
It's a three-way graft - Van, Royal Anne, Lambert. This year it was LOADED with cherries, so I pulled out the stepladder and the pruning shears. I prune a high branch, pull the cherries off and go on to the next branch. While I was up there, I looked over and saw one of the baby chickadees happily munching on a cherry. (There are enough for all. I picked 2 gallons from this one tree.)

Usually the bluejays telegraph their friends and family that the cherries are ripe, but this year, I put up the Bluejay Discourager:
They never came.

Again, thanks to all of you who come to visit this blog. I'll do Brazilian embroidery next ... unless the cats do something silly.

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