Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bird Bath - Ole' Watering Hole: What's the Dif?

Someone needs to tell Emmy (yes, we have TWO cats...) that this is a birdbath, not a watering trough for a cat.

AND she makes herself comfortable, planning to stick around a while:
When she saw the photographer, her only comment was, "What?"

So then I wandered around to see what else was blooming. I DO know there is a reason why you prune roses:
I think this is Mr. Lincoln - it wasn't growing in the front yard, so I transplanted it - and it was so happy in the sunshine, it just kept growing (it's not a climber). I think it is 9' or 10' tall, and I don't have it staked at all.  I realize that if I want to enjoy the scent, I will need a stepladder.

See that pretty rose over on the left by my name? It's Love and Peace. Today it was really lovin' the peace of this sunny day, and I decided to take yet another photo.
Yellow daisies are my favorite.
And just so the doggies don't feel left out, and since this blog is supposed to be about Brazilian dimensional embroidery (mostly), here is a picture of one of my new Millefiori designs, "B.E. a Tree - Dogwood with Cats"
Yes, this dogwood tree is full of doggies: King Arf-ur, Sir Barks-A-Lot, a Guard-en Dog, my new dogwood B.E. flower design with an entirely new technique, and a couple of other aptly-named (for a DOGwood tree) flowers that can be adapted to other embroidery. ...and kitties who, this time, have treed the dogs and sit in patient wait-mode.

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