Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Enchanted Jungle

This is "The Enchanted Jungle", the back cover design from my book Tropical Flower Garden. This one:
That front cover design is "Into The Rainforest".  Well, the book has sold out. I'm not sure if I'll have it reprinted very soon, and I'm all out of 'Rainforest' prints. 

But I DID have several prints left of "The Enchanted Jungle" on cream fabric. So I pulled all of the instructions from the book and have combined them with the printed design. I'll sell them until they are gone - not sure if I'll print more - it depends on the interest.  Anyway, the supply of Jungle prints/instructions is limited. There are 42 flowers, lots of new stitches - including my New Pistil Stitch - and lots of ideas that you can use on your other dimensional embroidery.

If you'd like one, just let me know with an email or phone order. In addition to the screen print, a color photo and ALL those flowers, you'll receive 28 pages of printed instructions -- almost half the book!

And since I'm doing a bit of blatant advertising (I'm allowed; this is my blog...), I'd like to invite you to visit my still-in-progress website to see all of my other Brazilian embroidery designs and books. I've been adding all of my new things here on this blog (it's just SO easy), so come back from time to time, or sign up to receive these msgs in your email.  There's a little box over there on the upper left; you can subscribe and - if you want - unsubscribe at any time.

I haven't forgotten - I'm going to post pictures of my other BDEIG Seminar class designs pretty soon.

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