Thursday, March 22, 2012

...And THEN ...It Snowed

Why is this so funny, you ask?  It's mid-March here in the valley. It NEVER snows in mid-March here in the valley. Mt. Hood, yes, but not here! 

Well, I was pretty sure it would all be gone by mid-morning today, and it is - huge lumps and glops of snow are falling off the tree branches, smashing happily into the ground.  So, early this morning - around 1:30 a.m., yes. I picked up the camera (ignoring the perplexed look on hubby's face) and went outside in my jammies to take some snow pictures.
           No, I didn't step too far away from the house. I tried to NOT imagine the perplexed looks on the faces of the paramedics as they would need to come and haul away a little old lady lying on her back in the snow with her camera still gripped firmly in hand, staring up at the heavens with little "x's" on her eyes.

Looking up:
Looking down:
OK, you can stop laughing now. It's all gone anyway. But I did manage to capture a picture of some True Snowbirds!

This morning in the middle of The Great Melt, I took this picture of A Birdbath for Snowbirds:
This is my Hydrangea Wannabe:
And this is my Camellia Going-To-Be,-No-Matter-What:
Oh, did I forget to mention that SPRING happened yesterday?  Never mind about that lion and lamb thing -- Spring this year came in on Big Clompy Wet Snowshoes!

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