Saturday, September 10, 2011

Some Blogs Are Total Inspiration!

Break Time! It was time to see if anyone else is roaming around the Internet. I came upon this absolutely delightful blog "be yourself, everyone else is taken". The name itself was enough to capture my attention, and the photography on this blog by a lady named Beth is just awesome, and her writing most interesting.

So, before I go back to stitching, I'll entertain you with a flower from my own garden.
This is an Asian Pear Tree in bloom a couple of years ago in my garden. Some enthusiastic gardening birdie planted it for me several years ago and I had no idea what it was until last year when it was loaded with golden brown apples.
      I didn't know what it was and thought, "How sick can I possibly get if I bite into one?" So I did. I knew right away that it was an Asian Pear or Chinese Pear - an apple loaded with enough water to drown a house plant. --and I had enough apples to be able to give them away to almost everyone I knew -- and a few I didn't.
      The tree is 15' tall this year, loaded with branches and leaves and ONE apple. Just ONE.
One, poor, lonely little apple that is growing larger each day. A friend of mine told me that because this spring was so wet here in Oregon the bees didn't do all the pollinating they were assigned to.
     But it's ONE apple, and I know it will be delicious in a few weeks. Yum.

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