Saturday, April 22, 2017

My New Book is Finished!! Forever Flowers -- 50 Flowers in Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery

--ALMOST finished. It will be on its way to the printer early next week. Watch this space, or my Millefiori Facebook page, or my website, for more details. A fabric print will also be available.  You can also email me for price, postage, etc.

My first book was "My Stamp Collection" -- 50 flower designs from a U.S. Postage Stamp set. I've named this book "Forever Flowers" ... flowers that will last as long as you like, 50 new flower designs. Here's one.
And another:
And another:
My cheering section (Cuthbert, who else!) is sad that I'm finished -- He likes to park on my floss and keep it warm.
But that's OK. More time for him....

Very soon I'll start posting color detail photos for the flowers (you are welcome to copy these blog pages for reference if you like), and explain what I did.
Right now I'm off to rip fabric for fabric prints -- give me a couple of weeks. Stay tuned. This has been SO much fun~~