Monday, January 2, 2017

Mynah, All Mynah -- A Free Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Design From Me to You

With a new year, I thought it would be fun to give my blog a new look. Just like shopping for fabric, it took a while to decide on the 'perfect' colors to dress up these pages (especially since I like them all). I'm also going to update my website. That's next. 

Now, however, I'm sharing a freebie "challenge" design with my fellow Brazilian embroidery stitchers:
"Mynah, All Mynah"
Yes!  It's black. On black. (The "Where's Waldo" of the avian night world~~)
I'm posting pictures here, but all of the instructions (with pictures) are free as a pdf file.
      If you would like a copy, please send me an email (go to the "About Me" page on this blog for my email address). I'll send the file out by return email. I'm requesting that (because of copyright issues) you ask for a copy for just yourself. If a friend would like one, please ask them to send a note to me separately. Thanks!  Respecting copyrights is a perk for those of us who design; your tacit agreement is our encouragement to make more designs for you. 
I designed this black bird for those who do NOT like to stitch on black or dark fabrics. I encourage you to give it a try anyway; you might enjoy it. (You might also enjoy turning this birdie into a blue bird or a red bird/cardinal, or use the colors of your choice for both bird and background fabric.)
The Mynah bird, for those of us who like sparkly things, is easy to relate to. Those who do dimensional embroidery are also attracted to the shiny rayon colors and are enamored of beads, specialty threads, ribbons. The Mynah (or Myna) Bird is related to the starling. Other black bids attracted to shiny objects are the crow, the blue jay, magpie, jackdaw, the raven and the bower bird. Hard, shiny things might be a reason why birds don't have teeth. . .
I thought about these Sparkle Collectors who swoop in, accumulate a 'shiny' or two and fly back to their nests to enjoy their spoils.
By transferring the traceable pattern to Solvy film, you can easily see where to stitch. This design is 6" x 6" and I mounted it on wooden stretcher bars while I worked.
Our black bird is stitched with black Iris (100% rayon Z-twist floss available from B.E. merchants listed at the website). Nice. Shiny.
If you scroll back up a couple of pictures ago, you'll notice that shiny eyeball. You can use a 3mm. facet-cut glass bead, but I had some golden sew-down rhinestones in my stash (Swarovski 3188 Lochrosen Rhinestone 3mm crystal) -- extra sparkle, always a nice concept.
I stitched the leaves and branches with green floss, choosing green glass leaf beads from (also available from other bead shops). The object of this birdie's affection is an 8mm faceted bead. These are plastic, but glass is nice, too (I'm an equal opportunity bead lover).
      The adventurous stitcher might opt for small dimensional rolled roses instead of beads (the black bird won't mind), and a nest filled with flowers is an awesome concept.
The lower branch holds the black bird's nest. I re-purposed a handful of leftover floss, couched it down around the top of the nest in a circular shape and then added more beads.
That little pink kitten bead hiding in the nest ... I'm not sure how she got there; cats tend to hang out around my embroidery.
So. This is my challenge to you. Find a small piece of black or dark fabric. Luckily, I have a collection of dark green-on-black cotton prints (15" x 15") with a poly cotton lining fabric - not many left, but the price is very reasonable. If you email me, I'll send you details.
This is a FREE-from-Me-to-You design:
"Mynah, All Mynah"
(that dream within the hearts of us all ....)
It's a pdf file; just email me for a copy - and enjoy the challenge~~





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