Monday, February 1, 2016

Doodling Around With a Little Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery

I had an idea -- one of those "I wonder what would happen if...." exercises.  Here is what happened:
I call this a Ribbed Double Cast-on.
It's a major beginning experiment, so I think there are other things I could do to make it look better.
     First, I made a 15-wrap bullion with Lola.
     Next, I made a 12-loop cast-on stitch on one side of the bullion, right next to it.
     Then I made a second 12-loop cast-on stitch on the other side of the bullion.
To finish the stitch, I brought my needle up through the 'carrying cord' of one cast-on stitch, slipped it under the bullion and came up through the space between cast-on loops on the opposite-side cast-on stitch. 
I repeated this, whip stitching along the length of the bullion and cast-on stitches, connecting the two cast-on stitches together with the bullion in between.
It looks like a double cast-on stitch, but is just another way to get the same effect. Plus there are probably a lot of possibilities that I haven't thought about yet. Maybe some of our stitchers can come up with something wonderful. 
I know you could always make just the bullion and one cast-on and whip-stitch them together, maybe more loops/wraps on a shorter fabric bite?
By the way, the other day I made that little turquoise blue jobby up in the left corner.  I call it a Debbie Drizzle - it's named for my friend and fellow B.E. designer, Debbie Kelley of DK Designs. She will know why - ask her about her BDEIG Seminar Class Doodle Cloth....
     Up Close:

Yes, it's "The Comma", (described in almost all of my books about Brazilian dimensional embroidery).  It's "The Comma" but worked as a drizzle.  (I just LOVE Brazilian embroidery's 'no-rules' rule. . .)
To finish, I'll share something I don't usually do in public -- share a picture of my doodle cloth . . .

Here's why.  SOMEBODY was sleeping on my doodle cloth and I almost couldn't find it. Cuthbert! Tsk, Tsk...
      Have fun - let me know if you come up with new ideas for any of these stitches.



  1. Had to use the translator, Teresinha (love that name), but I appreciate your comment. I wrote more detail in my newest post. By the way, if you use Perle cotton (which is S-twist) instead of the Z-twist EdMar rayon, just reverse your looping and/or wrapping.