Saturday, July 11, 2015

Flowers, Flowers ... I must have flowers, always and always

It's a quote by the painter Claude Monet, who was also the inspiration for one of my most popular Millefiori Brazilian dimensional embroidery designs, "The Waterlilies of Claude Monet".
I have it posted at my website,, but I'm writing today to share some photographs of my flowers that I've been saving on my computer (some of the flowers I seem to re-photograph year after year). For the perfect occasion. Like now. These are from my garden.
This is the stunning Grandpa Ott Morning Glory. I collect the seeds every year and scatter them in the spring. By now, late June and early July, they are climbing everywhere (and blooming in the "morning" only).
This is an orange fuchsia - the little hummingbirds love it - probably because it's right next to my hot lips salvia and the blue salvia that they also crave. I potted it with a dark brown/green coleus. And some cream-colored flowering tobacco (nicotiana) which doesn't show here.
This campanula really should be staked - it's different than my other bellflowers, but still pretty and a perennial, which comes back every year.
...and I found this little 'pretty pincushion' at The B.E. Boutique sales table at our 2015 BDEIG Seminar. She's a real cutie and is nearby whenever I stitch or draw pictures.
Oh! I almost forgot another flower I snapped in June ... these petunias and million bells are the prettiest deep red.
I'll post more flowers fairly soon, hoping they will inspire other embroidery designers as they do me.  ...and her:
Back soon!


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