Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Little Birdie Sent a Tweet . . .

I already posted this on my Facebook page earlier today, but thought you might like to be re-entertained. I wrote:

I'm sitting outside on my patio drawing designs on this beautiful sunny Oregon afternoon, and I heard a birdie making a big chirp up in a tree. I tried to track him and finally saw him. Some of his cousins showed up and they all had a great time.

And I thought what fun it would be to be a little bird -- nothing to do all day long except hop from one high tree branch to another, just having a good time. And what a view they must have from up there, looking down on all of... us "little people" and cats.
However, there are two sides. Birds have to eat with their feet, they don't have thumbs, and they also fly into windows and knock themselves silly.
I guess it's OK to be a people, but now and then birdies look like they are having a really good time.

So my mind left my body for a few moments there. 
          And then an idea for a new Brazilian dimensional embroidery design popped into my head. A few years ago I designed "B.E. a Tree". This year I am designing "B.E. an Owl". Must have been those birdies....

I've stitched owls before, this one reminded me of the song, "There was an old lady who swallowed a fly. I don't know why she swallowed a fly...":
That above design is Millefiori #959 "The Balance of Nature", named to show that life eventually balances itself. Which reminds me of this bit of humor found on the Internet (I am not sure who to credit, but it's funny anyway so I thank them.)
This is the stitched center of the design, the part that is all Brazilian embroidery:
I also stitched these owls as part of my "Wind Chimes" design (Millefiori #8005):
This was a happy family of owls just hangin' out.
 Mom and Dad above, and the little guy below.
And I designed this little Hooty Owl family for my Millefiori Design #857 "Crazy Quilt Pillow" (I still have some left if you can't wait to stitch an owl!!):

Here's the rest of the design:

I'll share the newest owl design as soon as I have it stitched. At the moment I'm planning to teach it at BDEIG Seminar 2015.

Here is my inspiration, watching every move I make in hopes that one of the motions with my hands will produce a kitty treat or two:
This is my other inspiration. I have two yellow roses in my garden. I think this one is Gold Medal. It just bloomed a couple of days ago ... hanging onto summer for as long as possible.
Now I'll get busy with my little birdies. --and a couple of other new designs that are percolating. Stay tuned!

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