Sunday, February 9, 2014

Christi Rose - Brazilian Embroidery

This is the Christi-Rose.
It's a small Brazilian dimensional embroidery design I made to teach a class at our local BDEIG chapter a while back. The "sparklies" on the Boucle floss were made by dusting the leaves with a paintbrush and a glitter paint called fairy frost (or something similar) from the crafty store.

Nearly 100 similar designs from The B.E. Wrap-Up were published in the book Education Projects, still available at the BDEIG website as an eBook you can download. (By the way, all proceeds from ALL sales for the guild go into a Seminar Scholarship fund for BDEIG members.)

Another design I made while editing the BDEIG newsletters so long ago is timely since St. Valentine's Day is coming soon. You can stitch this simple design as a pin or stitch it on fabric and make a collage or crazy quilt or postcard - what a lovely Valentine that would be!
The eBook is an instant download. Have fun!


  1. Beautiful! I will check out the e-book. Thanks for the info and link!

  2. I ordered this ebook and it is fantastic!!! Thank you for the information.