Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Oregon's Sun Came Out. Where am I? I'm in my Flowers. The Cats are Not.

There's a good point about not cutting your clematis back each winter. It can surprise you when you walk outside in the springtime.
This is our Apple Blossom Clematis the other day. Today it is decadently dripping in flowers:
Delicious flowers, happy to see The Sun.
REAL sunshine, on a lovely spring day:
I think flowers can actually smile . . .
...and dance in the sunshine.
...and try to outshine their neighbor flowers.
Or not. This is my camellia, one of them, and I think I took this same picture last year. It can put yer eye out  . . .
Here's the rest of it:
OK, that was pink and more pink.  How about a little yellow?
That little primrose has been in our back yard for years and years, spreading hither and yon. I helped it -- divided it and planted some in my front yard.

And a little purple? This is my bashful hellebore, a total waste of a flower when all it shares is its back:
Well, it's still pretty. And THIS little flower can't decide if it should be purple, or blue, or pink. But it's one of my favorites - the pulmonaria:
Well, they are ALL my favorites. Just like colors. When someone asks me my favorite color, I just reply, "Yes".

Meanwhile, back at the house. Emmy could care less; she just wants to finish her nap (or go to the dentist) - I'm not sure which.
And Cuthbert just wants to come outside and play. He doesn't understand why I am having all the fun. Poor woeful (spoilt) kitty . . .
Hiking through my garden with my camera is ever so much fun. Since I photograph the same flowers pretty much every year, I should probably start hiking through my neighbors' yards.


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  1. Emmy couldN'T care less.=) If she *could* care less, then she's very concerned about it, or at least a little, so that there's room for her to care less about it. If she *couldn't* care less, then she really doesn't give a monkeys about it!!!=)