Sunday, February 10, 2013

Name That Bird. . . . ....this morning as I was reading the Sunday paper and having a cup of coffee, I looked up - out the kitchen window and saw ....
A bird!  A bird! Of course, we have lots of birds here ...#212 scrub jays (which I really like because of their color), finches, chickadees, an occasional flicker, little executioner birds (black hoods on their heads -- I think they have an "official" name), hummingbirds. But this morning, the bird was RED. Not pink or burgundy or scarlet, or any other shade except #152 RED.
He wasn't alone. He brought the family ... about a half dozen more just like him, a few not quite as RED.

I live in Oregon's Willamette Valley and haven't ever seen these before, so I got out my camera, turned some knobs trying to get close....
I decided to investigate with the help of my pal, Google. We had Evening Grosbeaks a couple of years ago, either coming or going, north or south, passing through back yards, stopping to flutter their wings and have some sunflower seeds, and then flying away again. I thought this might be another grosbeak.  Here are more pictures.
I think they are related to finches and this other birdie (below, on the left) is either a finch or a female whatever....
--both posing obligingly for the camera.
And even allowing me to snap a close-up photo:
I think this might be something called a Pine Grosbeak. Google thinks so, too.
If anyone else is SURE this is a different birdie, please leave a comment or email to let me know, as I haven't ever seen one of these in person (in bird??).

Thanks. They were here for about 20 minutes, a half dozen of these pretty birds, and then they flew away. My coffee was cold, my camera battery needed re-charging, but it was worthwhile for such a colorful way to start the morning.



  1. What lovely photos!
    We don't have that bird around here, but he/she is sure cute.


  2. Several people thought it was a purple finch. Yes, very pretty.