Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Creeping Flower

This is The Creeping Flower.
It's one of our original Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery flowers. You'll find the instructions in some of the first B.E. books. Check our BDEIG website for a bibliography and check the BDEIG links page for a list of merchants who might have some of these early books.

You'll see the instructions there for The Creeping Flower, but the design shown above is my own. I'll have a traceable pattern available fairly soon, but today I'll just explain what I did.

The Creeping Flower is stitched with bullions, cast-on stitches and the pistil stitch. I was lucky enough a while back to figure a way to keep the pistil stitch from flopping around (it's also called a French knot on a stalk, long-tailed French knot and - by me - that pesky pistil stitch). So I made the New Pistil Stitch, or the Cast-on Pistil Stitch. You'll find the instructions on one of my earlier blog pages, here.  This is a close-up of The Creeping Flower:
I stitched the leaves with Iris #050, light-to-medium avocado green. The 12-wrap bullions are made with Iris #116, light antique rose. I used Glory #171, light orchid, for 15-loop cast-on calyxes which I tacked in the center and for the three "Cast-on Pistil Stitches". The entire design fits a 2 1/2" square area.

It's a lot of fun to look at some of these original Brazilian dimensional flowers, and it's amazing how many changes and improvements have been made in the stitches. But, like any true artwork, these flowers are always beautiful and popular on anything we embroider. Take a look; you'll see that you agree.

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  1. It is lovely, i want to learn how to do...and i am brazilian