Friday, December 14, 2012

Remembering the Littlest Angels

Everyone is thinking about the little angels we lost today, and all of the others we've lost in the past few years, and praying for them and their families that they can find comfort and peace for their pain. Someone asked if there was an angel available to stitch.

This picture is my Millefiori design #838, "Angels Wings" - basic Brazilian dimensional embroidery stitches. The wings and her dress are made with caladium leaves and her hair is stitched with bullions (several variations are included with the pattern), and she has red freckles scattered across her nose. See:
If you'd like to stitch her as an ornament for your Christmas tree, it will help us all to remember what has been lost. She's not on my website yet, but you can get details - price, plus postage - by emailing me.


  1. Thank you, Susan. It's entirely stitched with Glory-weight floss using long and short satin stitch and a few French knots. I made her curls with really long bullions on a short fabric bite to get them to twist (curl). My design has a variety of other "hair styles" you could stitch her with. I'm glad you like it.