Friday, July 20, 2012

What? I'm a Forest Cat....

 Well, what?
Oh, hai ... It's ME, Cuthbert.   Can you find me?

This is my FOREST, deep in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest, in search of tasty morsels (aka, birdies) which always seem to elude my tempting wiles.
See?  There I am!

In the FOREST.  I am a Forest Cat, after all. The ony difference is that this isn't Norwegia ...
Sort of a forest anyway. I had to put on my hiking boots and I labored long and hard to climb this mountain, over these rocks that have pierced the tender soles of my feet. You can see my climbing safety harness as I face the wilds of the back yard, undaunted -- a vision of courage in the wilds of my own personal forest.

Emmy, who could care less about The Big Guy, guards the portals of their home, tactfully suggesting that Cuthbert should just stay out there in his forest.

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