Saturday, February 4, 2012

Itty Bitty Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery ....and Something New: TooT

It's my "Itty Bitty Clown"!
My Millefiori Design #884 - Itty Bitty Clown -- is back for an encore. I had a request and went in search of this little guy who is only 3" tall. I found him in a circus tent playing with the elephants. He's made with a stitch I developed a while back called "The Nibble" using variegated rayon floss. This is a close-up view of "The Nibble":
Here's a Great Big "Itty Bitty":
Finishing touches are the most fun to do when the stitching is complete on one of our Brazilian dimensional embroidery designs. I used a red plastic embroidery hoop and added a 1/2" diameter blue satin cord as edging, gluing all to the blue mat board with my favorite fast-drying clear glue, Fabri-Tac.
The balloons are buttons (you can cut the shanks of plastic buttons with your wire-cutters), an old earring (the golden 'balloon') and buttons with offset holes (I have seen these recently at Michaels). The balloon strings are black sewing thread. 
By the way, I found the elephant he was playing with. The elephant's name is "TooT, and is one of my newest Brazilian dimensional embroidery designs that I will teach at BDEIG Seminar 2012 this June. (Pictures of ALL available classes will be posted soon; keep checking back.)

Here's a picture of "TooT":
One nice thing about elephants -- they can hold a LOT of flowers. There are some new flowers here, and there are some favorites - a petal of one, a leaf of another -- all fitting together to make something brand new! For example, TooT's little "hat" is really a flower from the book My LadyFlowers by Rosalie Wakefield (me). I knew it would balance up there because I've seen it done before! See:

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