Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cuthbert, and a Brazilian Dimensional Embroidered Peony

This is Cuthbert. My cat. At rest. As usual.
This is Cuthbert, aware that "someone" is disturbing his nap.
This is Cuthbert, delicately (he is a 15-plus-pound Norwegian Forest Cat) balanced on the very edge of the table.
This is Cuthbert, continuing his nap.
This is Cuthbert, pointing out the fact that he is "A Very Useful Cat" - multi-talented as a duster-helper.

And this is Cuthbert, trying to make sure I have all of the details of his biography exact, as I write this post:
And THIS is Cuthbert, from a while back, showing off his Total Magnificence, since he feels this story is all about him.
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Oh, wait!  You were expecting flowers?  In Brazilian dimensional embroidery?
This is a Double Flowering Peony  from one of my Millefiori designs called "Drizzleberry Punch'. I designed the center dimensional drizzle/cast-on combination and have used the original technique on several other designs.
It was my interpretation of this double peony:


  1. Cuthbert is adorable. Both peony flowers are very beautiful. I get inspiration from your beautiful work.

  2. Thank you so much for your comment. I'm glad you are inspired. Always write if you ever have questions.

  3. Love your work and such nice pictures also love Cuthbert the Lord.