Monday, October 24, 2011

A Better Tail . . .

The tail of this kitty and the tail of the little mouse on the previous post were both stitched with Brazilian outline stitch (floss held below the line of stitching when you use Z-twist rayon floss). The stitches can "gap" away from the fabric, depending on which direction you stitch and which stitch you use.
Select the direction of stitch for the final effect that you prefer. Although this tail is outline stitched, I added a couple of extra stitches at the base. I also left just the slightest space between the kitty's paws and body to add definition. The entire cat is stitched with vertical satin stitch (except for the tail).

Draw a curved line on your doodle cloth and outline stitch, first from top to bottom and then from bottom to top to see the differences.  Repeat the curved lines and now stitch them with Brazilian stem stitch (floss held above the line of stitching with rayon Z-twist floss). Make notes on the fabric with your Micron Pigma pen and choose the effect you like when you stitch.

This design is a dogwood tree in which the cats have treed the dogs (I'll post a picture when I've finished stitching the design). It's another of my new Millefiori designs.

There's another kitty:

I added a bullion to pad this kitty's tail and then satin stitched over. I also padded the kitty's bun and am satin stitching over. The tail rests across a tree root and without the padding, it would look like it is actually slicing through the tree root.

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