Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bad-Hair-Day Dahlia

OK, so it's not Brazilian embroidery ... although I have designed a few dahlias for my Millefiori projects using all sorts of stitches and combinations. This dahlia just looks like a bad hair day and was too interesting to leave to wilt.

      And as I'm looking (make that admiring this flower...), I'm thinking #135, #159, maybe #134 ... oh, yes, and bullions.  But FUNNY Bullions, a few wraps tightened on a #3 needle, then a cast-on stitch for an "elbow"  (you didn't know dahlia petals had elbows, did you?), more wraps and maybe a cast-on stitch at the end. I might even make some of those bullion drizzles that I had in my book, Take A Stitch(Look for the Boyer Bullion Drizzle.) 
       I don't know if it will work; have to stitch it out to see. You just never know what will come out of that needle.

Speaking of designing, I had a request a few weeks ago about getting these inspirations out of our heads and onto paper and then fabric. I think I'll start writing here and there about what I do to design for Brazilian embroidery, and maybe inspire others to give it a try. I'll write about what I do and if it helps someone else, that will be a good thing.

Bad hair days sometimes have GOOD things going for them, too!

I'll be back SOON with my NEW STITCH'll love it.  I promise.

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