Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A New Butterfly has Emerged!

#966 "Chantilly Lace" is one of my Millefiori Brazilian dimensional embroidery designs. Alma, a stitching friend of mine, wrote and mentioned that she wanted to stitch the butterfly as a Tiger Swallowtail instead of the Chantilly Lace butterfly. 
     So, I pulled up the pattern, scarfed a couple of swallowtail pictures from the Internet and re-designed the butterfly with a few simple stitches. You can find a mini-tutorial here.

Alma was also interested in changing the flower colors and mentioned that the swallowtails had been enjoying her mock orange (Philadelphus) recently. Well, Alma lives in New York state and I live in Oregon, and our mock oranges just happen to be blooming at the same time. Here are some photos I took of the mock orange in my back yard the other day.

The mock orange is against the back fence. The arbor belongs to a wisteria that is desperately trying to come back for me. This wisteria picture is from 3 years ago:
But back to the mock orange. Here are a couple of close-up pictures. I think the swallowtails would be very happy to be stitched with these flowers, too!
and here, my favorite, which reminds me of a bridal bouquet:
The B.E. design, "Chantilly Lace" is posted on my in-progress website (see #966) if you'd like to visit http://www.millefiori-be.com/.

I've been saving a little tut for Thalictrum, or Meadow Rue, which just finished blooming in my front yard. I'll try to remember to post my stitch suggestions next. Thanks for stopping by my web log!


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